Wind Energy

The resilience of clusters in the context of globalisation: The basque wind value chain

European Planning Studies, 21(7): 989-1006

The article is co-authored with A. Elola and M.D. Parrilli.

In this paper we study how globalization impacts on the structure and governance patterns of value chains and on the resilience of local clusters. We study the value chains related to two Basque (Spain) companies in the wind energy industry, Iberdrola and Gamesa, and the local cluster to which they belong. We find that firms within the cluster have different types of relationships with lead companies depending on their competences and the complexity of their products. As a consequence, firms also present different potential for growth and/or resilience: some have the capacity to internationalize their operations and/or shift to the offshore wind market, others are vulnerable to competition from providers in the emerging countries. Against this context, we discuss how the cluster responds to these challenges and the role of policy.


Análisis de la cadena de valor de la industria eólica vasca: oportunidades y ámbitos de mejora

Orkestra, Universidad de Deusto, San Sebastian.

With M.D. Parrilli, E. Álvarez Pelegry, A. Elola, U. Lorenz

This paper addresses two pressing issues: first, it highlights the need to explore an industry with a broad global outlook in a world that increasingly requires alternative energies to foster local and global development in a sustained and, above all, sustainable manner; second, it seeks to identify the overall competitive positioning of agents and firms of the Basque power industry in the global value chains of the wind energy sector that seem to form a critical mass that could be heavily exploited with a view to economic and social development for the region and the country.

Download the pdf, WP Orkestra 2012